The History Of EASY Group

How it all started


After obtaining a bachelor degree from the faculty of medicine earlier in 1992, Dr.Salama envisioned a brighter future which caused him to change his career path... founding Easy Beauty.


After the outstanding success of Easy Beauty's first product "Easy Sweet" which is currently the most famous method of hair removal in egypt. Dr. Salama decided to venture into other markets and had a dream of being the first to introduce and develop the concept of Wet Wipes in Egypt, So he established Easy Care a line of freshly scented wet wipes made out of 100% natural cotton and natural fragrances.


We became the first Egyptian cosmetics company to have a Research & Development department as well as obtaining the ISO certificate for legal international trade that same year.


The launch of Easy's Antiseptics line Clean Care allowed us to branch into larger markets through creating a line of antiseptic wet wipes and cleaning liquids that remove 99.9% of germs.


Easy Care bought character copyrights from Disney to use some of their famous cartoons for our new Wet Wipe line Kids which later turned out to be very popular.


After Easy Sweet's success in the Egyptian market, we developed an easier,hastle free hair removing product known currently as Easy Wax.


We became partners with Euro Mena Group for investment and international trade and during that same year Dr. Salama won the Deal Maker award of the year. Easy launched its Make up Removing wipes for all skin types.


Produced and directed our first ever television AD about Easy Sweet which resulted in a great increase in over all sales.


Easy Beauty branched into Mega For Distribution and Brand Dialogue which were later united under Easy Group.


Launched multiple lines of Baby Wipes targeted to protect Babies sensitive skin known as Baby Sensitive, Baby active and later developed a more economical pack My Baby.


Easy bought Minion copyrights for UNIVERSAL STUDIOS to use those beloved characters for their new line of Kids Wipes and a wide range of Shampoo and Miniature Hand Sanitizers.