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Baby Active
Every mother wants the best for her baby, so we offer you Easy Baby wet wipes that are rich in zinc oxide, panthenol, aloe vera gel and vitamin E, which guarantees protection for your baby’s skin, especially with the frequent use of diapers, which sometimes causes infections, in addition to a specialized creamy lotion to keep your baby’s skin soft.
- Available in these sizes: 20 / 40 / 80 wet wipes
Sensitive Skin
Chamomile is known for its benefits for the skin in general and for sensitive skin in particular. It reduces skin irritation and removes damaged cells, and because we care for your child. Easy Baby wet wipes for sensitive skin are the best choice for your child as they contain zinc oxide, vitamin E, aloe vera and panthenol that protect his skin from diaper infections.
- Available in 80 wet wipes
- Free from alcohol and parabens
Shampoo & Shower Gel
Are you looking for a shampoo and shower gel that are safe for your child and leave his body smelling great? Easy Baby Minions shampoo and shower gel are suitable for children's sensitive skin with a unique formula that does not cause eye irritation or tears.
- Available in peach/mango scent
- Available in 200 ml
For a unique experience and guaranteed protection, use Easy Baby wet wipes that are specially made for children's skin because they are completely alcohol-free in addition to a pleasant 100% natural fruits scent.
- Available in these sizes: 10/30 wet wipes