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Are you dreaming of a smooth skin with minimum effort and pain? Easy Sweet range is the perfect answer for excess hair, with 100% natural ingredients and a unique formula that reaches the shortest hair, removes dead skin, improves skin texture, color and softness that lasts for a minimum of 6 weeks, as it is water-soluble and does not clog pores. The package also contains a soothing gel.
- Available in olive oil, white honey, black honey and roses
- Available in 50 and 120 gm sizes
If you prefer cold wax, Easy Sweet Cold Wax is your best choice because it is safe on the skin, gluten-free and made 100% from natural ingredients. Therefore, it works to exfoliate the layers of dead skin and doesn’t have the possibility of burns of hot wax. It also exfoliates dark and dead layers of skin while removing excess hair.
- Available in charcoal and mint, coconut and pineapple extracts, or with shea butter and vanilla The package contains a spoon and hair removal strips.
- Available in 200gm.
Made from 100% natural ingredients, Easy Sweet wax strips are your ideal solution for removing excess hair and for saving time and effort. Easy Sweet wax strips come in different strip lengths with a hair growth delay lotion.
- Available in chamomile and jojoba oil
- Available sizes: 17 and 41 strips